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Michigan Police Department Says They Will Spoil 'Stranger Things' For Criminals


Nothing scares people on the internet more than spoilers. People do whatever it takes to avoid them and go so far to have complete social media blackouts. Cause let's face it, in 2017 the biggest issue you're going to face with spoilers is logging on to social media. All it takes is that ONE Tweet about how the ending went and boom, your whole experience is ruined. Especially when fans wait SO long for episodes. Could you imagine watching 10 years of Game of Thrones only to have the ending to the show spoiled cause someone wanted to get some fake internet clout on social media? You'd be pretty upset. Fans are just loyal, we want to consume this content our way and not be hindered by the chance someone the next day will tell us the ending to a show while we grab our first cup of coffee Monday morning.

In Michigan, one police department is using this fear of spoilers to their advantage. 

The East Lansing Police Department in Michigan recently threatened to spoil the new season of Stranger Things for anyone who gets placed in a jail cell. That's right, do a crime and you might end up hearing what happened in season 2 of Stranger Things before you get a chance to watch it.