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Ryan Reynolds Is Starring In The New Pokémon Movie As 'Detective Pikachu'

Ryan Reynolds Is Starring In The New Pokémon Movie As 'Detective Pikachu'
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7 months ago

The Pokemon franchise has touched nearly every part of pop culture. They've had comics, games, TV shows, toys, animated movies, and a live touring musical. One thing they haven't had yet though is a live-action film, but that's all changing thanks to an upcoming film starring Ryan Reynolds

The film, Detective Pikachu, stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular Detective Pikachu. The movie will also star Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton. Goosebumps director Rob Letterman is set to direct Detective Pikachu

The movie takes place in the world of Pokemon and tells the story of Smith's father being kidnapped and Detective Pikachu taking the case. Not much more is known than that, but we do know that Newton will play a journalist in the film. 

With this being a new undertaking for the Pokemon franchise and so many things still unknown, Pokemon fans are asking a lot of questions. 

While many things are still up in the air at this point, there is one thing fans know they want to see. A Deadpool-Pokemon crossover. Let's be honest. It wouldn't be that weird. 

While the Deadpool-Pokemon crossover does sound nice, there is one consequence of Ryan Reynolds getting the job. It means Danny Devito didn't, which many fans were hoping for when the project was first announced. Those fans are now devastated. 

To be honest, after watching this fan made trailer, I get where Danny Devito fans are coming from. 

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