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'Doctor Who' Just Officially Welcomed Their First Female Doctor—And Twitter Has Opinions



It seems like Doctor Who has been around forever and that's because it pretty much has. Well, in terms of television, anyway.

Debuting on November 23, 1963, the long-running British series has an interesting plot device that simultaneously works to usher in new actors to take on the lead role: regeneration.

The choice allows for an infinite number of casting possibilities, but in the 50+ years of the show's existence (darn that's a long time), there's never been a female Doctor.

Until now.

The Twelfth Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, "regenerated" into the series' newest doctor, who's being portrayed by actress Jodie Whittaker.

As excited as fans were for the show to make history, people had mixed emotions about watching Capaldi go.

Especially with his touching last words.

The most perceptive of viewers noticed a visual callback to Capaldi's introduction/exit into the series.

But the excitement for Jodie, and her suspenders, is palpable.

Her introduction into the series already has fans smitten.

Although she's only uttered two words in the latest episode, people are already geeking out.

People seem to like that the writing team didn't make it such a big deal that she's a woman in the show and instead chose to acknowledge it in a normalizing way.

Others pointed out that the mere fact that a doctor is female now is a strong enough visual symbol.

Others are just excited to see the direction that Jodie takes the character in.

How Capaldi's sendoff and Whittaker's simultaneous introduction was handled is also getting praise.

For the most part, though, fans of the program are just geeking out hardcore.

And can you blame them? Whittaker has made Doctor Who history. And we're so here for it. 

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