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These Early 'Simpsons' Sketches Reveal Ideas That Would Change The Entire Show



When you think of iconic shows like The Simpsons, it's difficult to imagine the show or its characters being any way other than how they are.

From their catchphrases, to their personalities, or character designs, the cast of the show, down to its theme song, all seem like a perfect fit.

But with many creative endeavors, a huge reason why they became such a success is because tons of work and brainstorming sessions went into making them so.

And if you look at the development notes for a series in the writers and animators, you'll see that those "perfect" ideas were workshopped to death, and that there were tons of concepts left on the cutting room floor.

Something that Simpsons animator David Silverman shared on Twitter some notes he took during a writer's retreat for the team behind the series.

Some of his notes were packed with ideas and concepts that ultimately never made it on air.

Like Smithers opening his own company.

And you remember the violent cartoon cat, Scratchy? He was supposed to be Smithers' pet.

An idea that people kind of wish actually came to fruition.

In fact, it started a wish-train of more Smithers related spin-offs and storylines. I mean Smithers and Milhouse dorking it up together would've been incredible.

His notes also revealed just how long certain ideas can take to finally come to fruition. For example, this piece that formed an idea for an episode that went on TV 3 years later.

Along with a weird Sesame Street chef reference.

It's also interesting to see how small ideas or thoughts get incorporated into episodes down the line, something that this guy picked up on after seeing some sketches of Homer's laugh.

To say people are appreciative of Silverman sharing his drawings would be an understatement.

While others, well, responded with some strangeness like this.

This GIF upsets me to no end, unlike Silverman's sketches.

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