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Source: r/r

These 6 Fan Theories Will Change How You Look at Your Childhood Faves


A childhood classic is considered a classic for a reason — because, more often than not, it truly stands the test of time and is just as good on the millionth viewing as it was on the first. Except, of course, when it is even better when you watch it all over again with a new idea or perspective on a film that you thought you knew inside and out. Enter: These insane fan theories! 

Fan theories are new ideas or speculation into our favorite movies, books, and TV shows that could change the meaning of the beloved media that we thought we knew so well. And while plenty of theories are, well, way out there and a bit over-the-top (i.e., they remind us of when our 11th grade English teacher insisted that everything in a novel was representative of deeper symbolism), many of them actually make a ton of sense and allow us to enjoy something we already know and love, but through a new lens.