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Source: Getty/Distractify

Don't Come for Kelly Ripa on Instagram Unless You Want to Get Savagely Roasted

By Anna Quintana

There is no denying that Chrissy Teigen is the queen of clapbacks on Instagram. We're still not over her brutal response to one troll who decided to insult her hairstyle — and seeing as that troll deleted her account, we don't think they will ever recover either.

However, we have a feeling Chrissy may have gotten some tips on how to roast someone on the social media platform from the OG clapback queen, Kelly Ripa.  Just like Chrissy, the Live With Kelly and Ryan host has the perfect comeback for anyone who insults her husband, her famous friends, or her weight. Kelly has been serving up daily doses of shade since she started her Instagram page in 2014. 

"I love a clapback," Kelly explained on The Wendy Williams Show. "I love a troll but I love to troll a troll. Like, if you're gonna troll me, then I'm gonna troll back. And that, we can all agree, that is the way God intended." She then used a recent example, when a follower felt the need to comment on her head size. "Her head looks to big for her tiny body," read the comment. Kelly explained why she responded with an epic burn, "To is spelled too FYI. As in 'Too dumb to leave that comment.'" 

She continued, "We all know that if people are telling you you are too anything on social media, they universally spell the word 'too' incorrectly, making it a very easy clapback, almost like a snapback." 

Preach. And this is just the beginning of Kelly's savage reputation on Instagram. So, when you finish looking at posts of Kelly's photogenic family, make sure you check out the comments section. Kelly is most definitely there trolling her trolls.