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Source: Getty Images

Here's What 'RHONJ' Husband Joe Gorga Really Does for a Living

By Anna Quintana

On seemingly every episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Gorga make it very clear that he is the man of the house, and his wife Melissa Gorga should stop working at her boutique to focus on being a stay-at-home mom.

Well, it's no surprise fans of the Bravo series are curious what exactly Teresa Giudice's little brother does for a living. "Anyone know what Joe Gorga reeeally does for a living? Don't need a rundown of all the phony businesses on the show and failures but WHAT does he actually do?" one viewer asked before another added, "Why is Joe Gorga on the couch the whole time? Did he get promoted to full time housewife when Melissa got a job." 

So, what is Joe's job? 

Joe has multiple businesses, including a landscaping and trash business. He also owns and leases several properties. Last year, he was sued by a tenant for a slip and fall accident. "It’s for a slip and fall on ice at a rental property that he owned under a business name,"  the plaintiff’s attorney told Page Six at the time. "He’s the owner of the corporation that owns the property."

More recently, he was sued again for $17,000, this time by Starlite Window for an outstanding balance with the company. Not a good look, Joe.