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Source: getty

Sam Elliott Got His First Oscar Nomination and People Can't Believe It's Taken This Long


The 2019 Oscar nominations came in and just like any other high-profile awards ceremony, there were a lot of cheers and jeers for the nods and snubs people experienced. People were shocked that Bradley Cooper wasn't given a Best Director nomination for his work on A Star is Born, and there were tons of people who were up in arms about Timothee Chalamet not getting any love for his role in Beautiful Boy. And boy, I heard he was beautiful in it. 

I'm sorry, I'm a dad. I had to.

But to the delight of The Big Lebowski and more importantly, Road House fans everywhere, America's cowboy/Spirit of the West, Sam Elliott, received his first ever Oscar nomination for his work in A Star is Born.

In the film he plays Jackson Maine's much older brother, Bobby Maine. The two share a tumultuous relationship with their father, and in the film it's acknowledged that Bobby was pretty much Jackson's real dad.

Elliott and Cooper share some of the film's most touching moments, and there's even a mention, which is pretty meta, that Jackson "stole" Bobby's voice. It's an intensely personal scene that's ridiculously tense and the personal hurt, tension, jealousy, and love that Sam hits in the role is probably why the Academy gave him a nod.

Or it could be what Sam suspects: that it's just been long overdue.