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Source: ABC

Kirpa Sudick Blames Being Basic for Her Chin Injury on 'The Bachelor'

By Anna Quintana

There was an elephant in the room during last night's episode of The Bachelor – and this time it was not Colton Underwood's virginity status. 

It was the mysterious bandage contestant Kirpa Sudick was rocking on her chin throughout Thailand that ABC did not feel the need to explain. We love a good cliffhanger but seriously?!  

"Who is Kirpa??? What is her story? What happened to her chin? GIVE HER THE SCREEN TIME SHE DESERVES," one viewer tweeted before another added, "One hour in and Kirpa’s chin band-aid is still a mystery." 

So, what happened to Kirpa's chin on The Bachelor

Before revealing what happened to her chin, Kirpa had some fun with Bachelor Nation on Twitter, who had plenty of theories of their own. "You got meeee," Kirpa responded when one follower suggested she only wore a bandage to go viral. Another suggested she was paying homage to the OG bandaid wearer, rapper Nelly, while another fan pointed out, "I guarantee you that Kirpa is the coolest and most normal of the bunch. How do I know this?! BECAUSE NORMAL PEOPLE WITH NORMAL REACTIONS TO THINGS NEVER GET SHOWN."