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Source: Disney

The 'Frozen 2' Trailer Was Just Released and Fans Are Already Obsessed


Disney just dropped the trailer for the hotly anticipated Frozen sequel and it's leaving fans with a lot of questions, rather than answering the burning one that is seemingly on everyone's mind: will Elsa have a girlfriend in Frozen 2?

Judging from what we see in the trailer, it hasn't really been confirmed, unless the introduction of a new female character is the lucky lady, but she looks kinda young. I know Disney historically doesn't care about that, but, come on, it's 2019.

The first film was an absolute box-office juggernaut for Disney and the blight of parents' YouTube and Netflix accounts everywhere. Ask anyone with a kid how many times they've listened to "Let it Go" and their answer will almost always be the same: "I know what true madness is, for I have transcended what I thought the human mind was capable of sustaining."

While the first movie certainly had some dark-ish elements (overthrowing a government by demonizing and enslaving a Queen, and a woodsman who was raised by annoying little rock monsters), this second film seems to go all in on the "dark and gritty" sequel trope.

For instance, Kristof is rocking a sword in the film, so it looks like he could be out of the ice-selling business for good. We see it in the trailer when Anna rips it out of his sheath and then slashes at something off-camera. We don't know what, but it might have something to do with the ominous, vague threat that's putting their land at risk.

The way the trailer starts is also gritty as heck, too.