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A Mom Made A Hilarious Mistake When Packing Her Daughter Lunch

A Mom Made A Hilarious Mistake When Packing Her Daughter Lunch
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Updated 1 year ago

My mom's eyesight isn't great, so when she used to pack my lunch weird stuff would accompany me to school. I don't know why she didn't just put on her glasses, but sometimes I'd end up with a red onion instead of an apple. I didn't usually eat it. When I was old enough, I packed my own damn lunch. 

This is 17-year-old Mckenzie Strange, who still has her mom packing her lunch so she has the time to keep nailing perfect selfies: 

Mckenzie tweeted some pics of what ended up in her brown bag, and it looks like her mom didn't double check the fine print on the drink she packed. Moms everywhere have better things to do, I guess: 

Here's the close up: 

Yup, that's a can of Four Loko. If you've never had it, good. That drink is the alcohol/caffeine mashup from hell. I haven't thrown up from drinking that many times, but my adventure with Four Loko made it feel like my stomach had been turned inside out, dusted with pop rocks, then punted into a centrifuge.  

Mckenzie addressed the accusations that she's too old to have her mama packing her lunch, tellingBuzzFeed, "I'm just blessed to have a great mom that does lots for me." And with meals like this no wonder she feels #blessed. 

Mckenzie's tweet has been RTed almost a hundred thousand times, and her mom's response to Internet fame is pretty funny:

"I texted my mom about it and she couldn’t believe the mistake she made; she was half asleep when packing my lunch and thought it was a Peace Tea...She said, 'I need to get a cup of coffee before I try and pack lunches from now on.'"

Maybe a refreshing cup of energy drink? [h/t BuzzFeed] 

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