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Spicy Skittles And Spicy Starburst Are Here With Their 'Sweet Heat' Flavors


I don't know what is up with food manufacturers recently, but it seems like they're really getting into making things that shouldn't be spicy, spicy.

It started off with spicy Doritos and Cheetos which makes sense since they're both salty snacks as it is and spicy and salty have historically been a great combination. No complaints there.

Then came the spicy chocolate, which is something that literally nobody on this planet asked for. No one has ever eaten a chocolate bar and thought to themselves, " Boy, I really really which this burned my tongue and throat on top of tasting great. It's the only thing missing from the overall experience." No one.

And now manufacturers seem to be going out of their way to release a spicy version of anything and everything just to see what sticks and what doesn't. Unfortunately, people love gravitating to food trends and a few of these may make it past the limited time promotion they were originally intended for.

Like this Pepsi Fire.

And while spicy candies aren't exactly new, there are some classic fruity confections that you probably never thought about adding a dash of hotness to.