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Why This Unmeltable Ice Cream Sandwich Is Freaking Everybody Out


When I was younger, there was a huge uproar over McDonald's food after someone took photos of one of their meals over an amount of time that would've had any other food product completely fall apart and eaten away by microbes. Why the uproar? Well it turns out that the Happy Meal the guy bought from McDonald's looked almost as fresh as it did on day one...six years later.

Needless to say it caught national and then international attention. After all, if it wasn't breaking down the way food normally does, what was it doing to our insides? Since then, every time a food item behaved a way that it wasn't supposed to, usually something pretty conscious and widely enjoyed because of that reason, it has raised every red flag from media outlets, holistic influencers, and anyone looking to make a name for themselves that would count that event as their big break. Well get ready folks, you've got another one coming your way.

Mary Salter is a grandmother from New South Wales, Australia who had a hankering for some ice cream sandwiches. However, after leaving a piece of one of the frozen dairy desserts on her driveway, she noticed something: it would not melt.

Not only would the sandwich not melt, she also noticed not a single animal attempted to eat the thing; not even ants! In fact, Salter remarked that they "flee in terror" at the sight of the thing.

Salter had to take to the Coles Supermarket's Facebook page to get to the bottom of her ice cream sandwich mystery.