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Cheetos Is Opening A Pop-Up Restaurant Perfect For Junk Food Lovers



When you think of Cheetos, you probably think of all the times you ate a bag of them while watching TV as a teenager. Or of licking cheese powder off of your fingers. Or of Chester Cheetah and his warning that the food he sponsors contains dangerous levels of cheese.

What you probably don't think about is the word "fancy." Let's put it this way: If you're taking your significant other out for an anniversary dinner at a nice place, you wouldn't expect Cheetos to be on the menu.

It looks like the brand is trying to change that, or at least pull off a hell of a marketing stunt, with the NYC fine dining restaurant it plans on opening up. Yes. Really.

The pop-up restaurant is being spearheaded by TV Chef Anne Burrell who will be serving up Cheetos-Infused dishes at The Spotted Cheetah at 211 West Broadway NYC from August 15th-17th.

All dishes will cost from $8-$22 and will somehow feature or incorporate Cheetos. Yes, even the desserts. You can check out all 11 menu items by visiting The Spotted Cheetah's website here but be prepared - the site is extremely orange.

If you do decided to visit the pop-up restaurant, then you'll be able to enjoy appetizers like Cheetos meatballs. And Flaming Hot Limon Chicken Tacos. And for dessert perhaps you can wash it all down with White Cheddar Cheetos and Cheetos Sweetos Apple Crepes.

Although the idea of a eating Cheetos for every part of a three course meal might not sound like the most appetizing thing ever, Twitter's full of people who are down to visit The Spotted Cheetah.

Would you be down to try out some Cheetos-inspired dishes? (h/t timeout)

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