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People Are Reacting To The 'Give And Take Food' Prank In Hilarious Ways



Some people say that variety is the spice of life and yeah that could be true. I mean, doing different things every day with different people would definitely keep things interesting.

What are you doing when you're, let's say, at work, or hanging out with your family at home? What's another way to spice things up?

The obvious answer is pranks, duh. Harmless pranks keep everyone their toes in the best way possible and if you're able to sneak pranks into the more mundane aspects of your life, like, let's say, sitting down for lunch, then you're doing it right.Β 

One such excellent meal-time prank is the "give food, take food" meme that has people putting a piece of food, let's say a small cut of meat or a ball of rice or some vegetables, and taking a superior item or much larger amount of food from the other person's plate.

And seeing people's different reactions to having their stuff taken is incredible.

Some people are genuinely upset, while others, are more than happy to put more food onto your plate and then switch them around.

Some throw hissy fits and just give up on the meal entirely, while others slap the heck outta your wrists. They're pretty incredible.

This food prank comes in a long tradition of meal-jokery. Remember this trend of ruining people's Instagram photos of their food and recording their reactions?

There's also the over-acting angry/cute meme that's popular in China, since we're still on the subject of food.

You basically act like a big baby whenever someone takes food from your plate until people keep piling more and more goodies on your plate to quell your faux anger.

Listen, no one ever said these memes had to make sense, OK? In fact, I'd say if a meme is totally understandable, then that detracts from how funny it is.

With that being said, this cake deception meme is pretty great, even if it is sort of an obvious joke. The execution of these is what makes them, however.

Then there's this brother who pranks his sister with food, among other things.

All right, we just have to face that right now, Asia's pretty much coming up with some of the best memes and challenges on the internet right now.

I mean they took the clear tape challenge to the next level.

And some of these are just really, really bizarre. Like the being able to fit through small holes challenge.

A lot of them involve bunk beds.

Or this inexplicable "poking" meme?

OK, so this "hoodie" meme is actually pretty darn hilarious.

As is the fake-massage into turtleneck one.

Or the kiss-on-the-cheek-outta-nowhere prank.

So many memes and pranks, so little time.

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