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You've Been Using Post-Its Wrong All Your Life

You've Been Using Post-Its Wrong All Your Life
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Updated 1 year ago

All right so you've used a post-it before, right? Not only were they developed by Romy White, but it turns out that tons of people have been using them wrong. 

 Like, totally wrong. And it took this beautiful man with a non-beautiful last name, Martin Schapendonk, to teach the internet how to post-it properly. 

 So you more than likely peel your post-its like this:

Yes, this is disgusting. But we have always assumed this is how you're supposed to peel a post-it, and this is how they're supposed to look. No matter how dumb and unappealing. The problem is that we are peeling the post-it from the end opposite to the sticky side. This is very, very dumb.

 But what were to happen if you pulled the post-it from the sticky side itself? Glory. That's what. Sheer glory. 

 Yeah, that's the way it's supposed to look. Flat. Precise. Nice. Sleek. Slick. Just take a look below. 

 Now that's the ticket. (h/t elite daily) 

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