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This Ranking Of The Best Video Games Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood

By Mustafa Gatollari

I used to be absolutely obsessed with video games. Working at Gamestop for a year or so made me sick of the things, but there was a solid 14 years of my life that were completely dedicated to gaming. It didn't matter what genre, I was into all of them.

I maybe get the hankering to play them once a year or so, and I'll hunker down for two days and binge on a title, beat it, and then reminisce about how amazing it was until another 12 months pass by, and then I binge on another title down the line.

And my favorite part about certain game titles is the instant trip down memory lane that starts when you fire a game up. If you start playing that familiar Punch-Out theme, I start to remember laying down on my living room floor, feet in the air, trying to perfectly time the gut-punch against Bald Bull.