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This Ranking Of The Best Video Games Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood

This Ranking Of The Best Video Games Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood
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Updated 1 year ago

I used to be absolutely obsessed with video games. Working at Gamestop for a year or so made me sick of the things, but there was a solid 14 years of my life that were completely dedicated to gaming. It didn't matter what genre, I was into all of them.

I maybe get the hankering to play them once a year or so, and I'll hunker down for two days and binge on a title, beat it, and then reminisce about how amazing it was until another 12 months pass by, and then I binge on another title down the line.

And my favorite part about certain game titles is the instant trip down memory lane that starts when you fire a game up. If you start playing that familiar Punch-Out theme, I start to remember laying down on my living room floor, feet in the air, trying to perfectly time the gut-punch against Bald Bull.

Some games are classic for a reason, and depending on your console allegiance growing up, you have to admit that these most beloved games are worthy of the title.

The folks over at Muchgames surveyed 2000 gamers and asked them what their most beloved and hated video games were. Super Mario World took the top spot, a title that's seen so many different releases and iterations on tons of different consoles that it's ubiquity spans generations.

They also asked gamers what their favorite video game levels were.

The most hated video game levels that made you toss your controller in a fit of anger popped up in the survey, too.

N64 topped the list as the most beloved video game console. After all, you gotta love those party games.

The survey also separated favorite games by profession. Wholesale and retailers were really into Ocarina of Time.

I'd dream of fantasy and adventure, too, if I spent eight hours a day worrying about the amount of commission I'd get on a sweater.

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By Mustafa Gatollari
1 week ago