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Source: Instagram

Not A Drill: Starbucks May Be Releasing A Unicorn Frappuccino And It's Magical

By Aimee Lutkin

Most freaky Starbucks drinks that make temporary appearances generally have both a hook and a specific flavor. A new beverage on the horizon appears to be purely for the Instagram crowd: The Unicorn Frappuccino. Glamour did some investigative digging and unearthed various references to the perfectly photographable and (hopefully) delicious drink on Reddit in the last few days, like this giant sack of pink powder that was quickly dissected in the comments:

The amount of time that people spend on their Instagram accounts tends to lead to some brands doing some very interesting things just to get some additional exposure on the app.  People will post pop up specifically designed to look great online.   Some ice cream companies loading scoops of ice cream into waffles with a pretty spoon.  But here we go with Starbucks although they already have the pumpkin spice latte, then now have the unicorn frap.  Move on and look out.