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9 Ways Salvador Dali Kept It 'Surreal,' In Honor Of His Birthday

9 Ways Salvador Dali Kept It 'Surreal,' In Honor Of His Birthday
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Updated 1 year ago

When you think of brilliant works of modern art, chances are you've probably thought of the works of Salvador Dali.

Like the "Persistence Of Memory," remember this bad boy? Huh? Yeah, of course you do.

And since today's the eccentric artist's birthday, what better way to honor his life than to learn about the man himself?

Dali was a pioneer of Surrealism, an artistic movement that focused on bringing out one's subconscious into their art.

As a child, Dali was able to draw beautifully, creating complex drawings at an extremely early age. His parents cultivated his talent by sending him to art school.

Dali was known for his flamboyance and off-the-wall persona.

His perpetually waxed mustache, bizarre choice in clothing, his affinity for walking with a cane - all of it helped create a larger than life image of himself. He was quoted as saying:

"Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure, that of being Salvador Dalí."

He had a pet ocelot. Yes, seriously.

He once collaborated with Disney on a short film that's nothing short of stunning.

Destino wasn't officially released or finished. The project was revived by Roy Disney in 1999 and the Fantasia-esque project inspired by the late painter finally saw the light of day. 

He would often get out of paying for restaurant bills just by paying for meals with checks.

Many restaurants wouldn't want to cash his check, because his signature was usually worth more than the food and drink he ordered in the first place.

Dali was a prolific writer.

In addition to painting, the man penned some brilliant pieces of writing. He penned his own biography, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, as well.

He orchestrated elaborate photoshoots, like this, where a million things were going on at once and the perfect moment of chaos was captured.

It took photographer Philippe Halsman and Dali 28 tries before capturing this amazing image.

Dali was madly in love with his wife, Elena Diakonova, and called her his muse.

She was the inspiration behind many of his paintings.

There's no one quite like him.

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