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Courtney Love Warned Us All About Harvey Weinstein 12 Years Ago



As more details of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations come to light, people are asking how this could have gone on so long without anyone saying anything. What they may not know, or may have forgotten, is that people did speak up. One of those people was singer and actress Courtney Love. Who would have thought.

She spoke up all the way back in 2005, on live TV in fact.

It happened as she was walking the red carpet at Comedy Central's roast of Pamela Anderson. Interviewer Natasha Leggero asked Courtney if she had any advice for young girls moving to Hollywood. Courtney, who had been smiling up to that point, turned away from Natasha and responded:

"Um... I'll get libeled if I say it."

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After a moment she turned back to the camera and blurted out:

"If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party at the Four Seasons, don't go."

At the time, many people dismissed her comment as humor. She was, after all, speaking at a Comedy Central roast, where being edgy and controversial are par for the course. To some people, her reputation, her struggles with addiction and her obvious intoxication during the roast made her less than credible.

Even the interviewer herself had completely forgotten about the exchange.

Twitter had thoughts...

If only Courtney's words hadn't fallen on deaf ears...

Well, not entirely deaf, perhaps. 

According to Courtney, she was banned from CAA and essentially forbidden from working in Hollywood as a result of her comment.

Other celebrities are showing Courtney some love.

Like actress Asia Argento:

And producer Judd Apatow:

Whatever way people saw her back in 2005, this is how people are viewing her now:

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