Feminist Takes On Traditional Apology For Sexual Harassment In Brutal Tweet, And Twitter Kept It Going



It feels like every apology for sexual abuse sounds the same. Someone who has done unspeakable things to women or men says they're sorry, tries to justify their actions, then expects their lives to return to a semblance of normalcy their victims have been denied. Many high profile people who have been called out have gotten away with just a small apology, laid low for a bit then moved on. All while the victim never gets to forget it. 

A great example of this are some of the Hollywood actors most prominently accused of it who have gone on to continue doing what they love. It's a double standard that one woman is wanting to change. These 'apologies' don't mean much beyond making an appeasement to the masses.

One feminist on Twitter, @KateHarding, decided to highlight the ridiculousness of these apologies: 

Has a different ring to it, doesn't it? It opens eyes to how hollow some of the apologies can actually be. 

Twitter took the baton and ran with it:

These lines sound all too familiar...

After stabbings, no one blames the victim, obviously. It's common logic. Therefore why doesn't it apply to sexual assault which can be ultimately just as dangerous and dire.

It seems we're part of a stab culture:

Of course, the stabbings cause other issues...

"If you didn't want to get stabbed, you shouldn't have been drinking!" Sounds pretty ridiculous right? We think so too. 

Perhaps it's time we learned:

So next time we see another public apology, we'll be more prepared to see through the smoke and mirrors. At the end of the day it's about the victim, not the assailant. They shouldn't get to dictate the terms of re-acceptance. 

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