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Source: Twitter: @LosingMotion, Apple

The iPhone X Is Encased In Glass, And People Are Already Discovering The Downside

By Robert Acosta

Apple has always had a smash hit with each subsequent release of their newest iPhone model. Since the iPhone's release in 2007, they've sold over a billion iPhones world wide. That's quite the staggering amount. Every release signals a massive influx of fanatics that it's time to upgrade again. Even when it's minor improvements, the Apple faithful still buy with little hesitations. There have awlays been some questionable aspects of the new iPhones, specifically how they seem designed to cater toward vanity rather than functionality, but typically we just slap a case on it an call it a day. Their latest iteration to celebrate the iPhones tenth anniversary, however, the much anticipated iPhone X, has even the most diehard Apple faithful questioning their design choices, which if you know they're scratching their heads, than most other consumers are likely in the same boat.

The new iPhone X was just released on November 3, but consumers have already found one massive flaw in the design of their new tech toy:

Source: Twitter: @LosingMotion; Apple