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11 Purchases Under $20 That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Life


When it comes to adulting, most of us could use a little help. I, for one, wish they taught us how to do taxes in high school, or how to start a car with jumper cables, or, you know, the kinds of things that are actually practical in day-to-day life.

And while I can't offer you much help when it comes to Uncle Sam, I do think that a large part of adulting is learning how to use your money wisely to reduce the general stress in your life. Sometimes that means splurging $10 for something you thought you could get away with for $3, because the higher-end product will work better and last longer in the end.

From cooking and cleaning to just improving your overall quality of life, here are 11 purchases you can make for under $20 that will make adulting much, much easier.

1. Electric Kettle

Source: Amazon

Electric kettles are commonplace kitchen items in most places outside the U.S. That's because they boil water much faster than the stove and are incredibly versatile. Many electric kettles even have knobs you can adjust to set your desired temperature, which can be a game-changer for tea and coffee snobs who scoff at the taste of overly boiled water. 

Plus, they're the simplest way to make cheap and easy meals without having to turn your stove on. 

This Hamilton Beach one is available on Amazon for $19.96 and it's lasted me six years of everyday use.