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13 High-Paying Occupations That Don't Require a College Education


You don't need to become a doctor to earn that coveted six-figure salary. Surprisingly, you can earn the same amount of money doing work most people don't even think about, like selling hot dogs or diving for golf balls. You might think you're "too good" for these jobs since you have a fancy schmancy college diploma, but once you see how much these easy and unique positions pay, you'll be regretting that philosophy degree (that is, if you're not regretting it already). Below, here are all the unique jobs that pay a lot more than you think.

1. Hot Dog Vendor

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Who knew you could make a living selling $2 hot dogs? Hot dog vending is a surprisingly lucrative business, with vendors in NYC taking home as much as $100,000 annually. However, there are caveats. To make serious buck, you have be stationed outside high-traffic areas like Central Park or the Met Museum and pay insane permit fees to the city. Vendors in New York pay as much as $50,000 per month to sell hot dogs to tourists. For hot dog sellers who live outside major cities, they earn a little less at $67,000 per year, which is still hardly chump change.