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These Technology Struggles Are Too Relatable Before We've Had Our Morning Coffee

These Technology Struggles Are Too Relatable Before We've Had Our Morning Coffee
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1 year ago

A few years ago, a co-worker of mine asked me if I could fix her computer. I wasn't the IT guy, but I said I was happy to take a look. Since I have the remarkable ability to use Google and follow instructions, I was able to fix the problem in a few minutes. This is how I became the default IT guy, in addition to my normal responsibilities. 

The moral of this story is that you should never help anyone because then they will just want more from you. You should live your life as selfishly as possible, because who has the time to help other people? That sounds exhausting. 

Just kidding. Help others! But only after you've already had time to take care of yourself. And be patient with people: Not everyone grew up using a computer.  

That said, even if you're a total computer wizard, you've totally made some embarrassing errors in your time, and we're willing to bet you'll definitely relate to these people's hilarious struggles with technology.

It is like any other address, right?
My mom seriously thinks she can only access email from the computer on which it was set up. She has created a new email address for each new computer she got.


I don't know what this is so I better get rid of it.
Back in the days of MS-DOS and the good ol' Windows 3.1, my uncle picked up a new PC, a powerhouse of the time.
He'd never had a PC, he'd been a Commodore 64 guy for a long time though.
Anyway, I visited my grandparents, where he also lived, and he showed me his computer, I was in awe, it was so good compared to my own..
I played a game of strife and after went out to play.
Later that day I'm asked by my grandmother "what did you do to your uncle's computer?"
I don't know what she's talking about and go to talk to him. He's mad, the thing won't boot and "
I broke it"Get it to boot and check out the HDD.. It's in shambles, I ask, "what were you doing when it stopped working?""deleting files you put on there, I don't need your garbage on my machine"
He'd deleted random files from the OS until it stopped working..
Long story short(er) in one day I reinstalled DOS and Windows on that thing 6 times.. Yes, he kept doing it and wouldn't listen when I told him he couldn't just do that.. I never touched his PC again afterwards.He still brings up the time I broke his new computer..


Well, they don't sound like they would be great employees.
I work in recruiting and I will often ask people to email me over their resume. Not only will many people not know how to do that, some will try and fail miserably.
I had one guy, he was older, tell me multiple times that he has his resume saved in his email and that I can go log onto his email and go get it. I said no, that's not how email works.. you have to send it to where you want it to go. He proceeded to tell me his email address and say again that I can just log on and get it. Wasn't worth trying to explain anymore.
Another woman told me that she can't email her resume to me because her email address is @yahoo.com and ours is @companyname.com and they're different. I explained to her that oh, the domain name doesn't matter, you can email to any domain names that you want; they're just different companies and we'll still receive the email. She tried to argue with me saying that she has yahoo and only can send to other yahoo. I again tried to explain and told her how just like calling people with different area codes, it's just a way to classify and you can send an email to any email address. She wasn't getting it. We never got her resume


Oh weird. People still use fax machines?
I used to work as the tech guy in a high school. One day, the headteacher's secretary called me to reception because the fax machine wasn't working.
I had a look at it and it seemed to work fine, so I asked her to show me what she was doing when the fault occurred.
So she put the document in the slot, typed in the number, the machine whirred up and the document popped out the other side, as normal.
"You see!" She said.
"No, not really, what's the problem?"
She looked at me like I was a complete and utter moron, snatched up the document and started waving it at me saying "it's still here!"
And that's why I had to explain to a grown woman that a fax machine isn't a teleportation device.


This is surprisingly common.
My coworker doesn't know how to create a pdf directly on the computer so she prints things out then scans them to create a pdf.


Explain it again, please.
I love my dad, but it still boggles my mind how computer illiterate he can be. Of all the situations, I'd say this one takes the cake:
His laptop needed to be fixed for some reason, so he was using my sister's laptop at the time. He calls me up to tell me he can't find his files. Confused, I asked him to explain what he means. He says that he always keeps all of his folders/files on his desktop, but that none of them are there.
I say to him, "But you're using [your daughter's] computer, how would you have access to files on your computer?" There's a brief moment of silence, until he says to me, "But the files are on my desktop, shouldn't I be able to access them now?" Suffice to say, I had to explain a few things to him then (most of which just went in one ear and out the other).


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