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25 Tweets That Are Way Too Real If You've Ever Worked Retail

25 Tweets That Are Way Too Real If You've Ever Worked Retail
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Updated 1 year ago

Ah, retail. Where teenagers go to earn minimum wage and have their dreams and hopes crushed by the corporate machine. We’ve all had run ins with bizarre customers, making these tweets far too relatable for comfort… 


2.  :~)

3.  Never heard that one before.

4.  What can we do about it?

5. Too real.

6. "I am a generous God."

7. So like...always?

8.  Didn't want to know you anyway...

9. Hello Sundays!

10.  Please just put it on my hand...

11. Do I look like a mathematician? 

12.  Mine was the broom closet.


14.  Manners, please.

15. Fire me, see if I care. 

16.  Ooh la la.

17. It's not some voodoo magic.

18.  Make up your mind!!

19. Vindication.

20. Oh no, what will we ever do!

21. We're not forcing you.

22. I'm sure you knew about the stains.

23.  Every day.

24.  I don't feel like talking to people today...


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