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23 Tweets That Sum Up Your Co-Workers



It’s easy having co-workers. You spend an insane amount of time with them and the only thing you have in common is that you were hired by the same company. Here are 23 tweets that sum up how we feel about these very strange relationships.

Sounds delicious. I've actually tried "an unwanted conversation" and it's very tasty.

Nicknames do help with camaraderie. Especially when they're as inventive as "Rat Snitch Brian The Good Time Ruiner." 

What could go wrong? A fake pregnancy is always the answer.

Honesty in the workplace is important. Especially when you say what everyone else is thinking.

Probably a very long time. Not enough people know the lyrics to this song. 

What a monster. That smell is going to linger for days.

A solid plan. Everyone loves a twin.

Ruthless, indeed. People who can't appreciate a solid joke like this aren't worth your time.

Someone is going to have a meeting with HR. But honestly, there are worse things than being a cuddler. 

It's strange how this can be a bad thing. 

There's got to be an easier way. Though baby hands on an adult is a fun thing to picture.

Is this mean or nice? Maybe a little of both?

It's better for you anyway. Small talk is the WORST.

Maybe not the best plan. Though I'm sure it made him feel loved.


Here's hoping it lasts. Most of them don't.

Communication is key.

On behalf of everyone, I thank you for sparing us that great discomfort.

We're not ignoring this because it's brilliant.

Who does this? They should for sure be arrested.

Be yourself.

Classic Todd.

And, finally, the honest truth.

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