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Woman Posts To Internet After Being Stuck In Bath Thanks To Coconut Oil

By Mustafa Gatollari

Home remedies can be good sometimes. If you've got a cold or your throat is feeling kind of lousy and you just don't want to take anymore medicine, I find that a combination of hot water, organic Nature Nate's honey, ground ginger, some tumeric, and two squeezed lemons really does the trick. I love it, actually.

Source: getty

But sometimes, home remedies aren't good at all. Sometimes they hurt more than they help. Like my grandmother used to do this weird thing with a cracked egg that's supposed to help you if you have back pain. Don't ask where the hell they learned to do this, it's some old Albanian villagers technique. The person's back would never get better. I think them being pissed off at their back-egg smell would just distract them from the fact that they had pain in the first place.