This Husband's Photo-Diary Of Going To IKEA With His Wife Is Too Relatable For All Couples



I.  Cannot. Stand. Furniture.

I hate shopping for it. I hate putting it together. I hate moving it. I hate rearranging it. I hate looking at it. I hate how it looks. I hate replacing it. I hate how it "really ties the room together." I cannot stand it. If it was up to me, I would never ever have to deal with it in all of my life and I'd just pay someone to find stuff people are giving away on craigslist for free, then get it cleaned, and bring it to my home.

One of the worst stores to visit for anyone who hates furniture -- or just enormous, confusing labyrinths in general -- is IKEA. I have nothing against the company. I think that providing low-cost furniture with modern styling is a good thing because furniture's the worst. They're not going to make me like furniture shopping, however. Just make it a little bit less excruciating.

This husband apparently hates shopping for furniture as much as I do and had a full blown existential crisis while visiting IKEA with his wife.

His honest and dead-pan observations make his documentation of the absurd act of visiting an IKEA for no apparent reason all the more enjoyable.

This is a descent into retail madness that is so strangely captivating and all-too-familiar.

Shopping while married, in a nutshell.

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