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Everyone Secretly Wishes These 27 Awkward Things Were Socially Acceptable

Everyone Secretly Wishes These 27 Awkward Things Were Socially Acceptable
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1 year ago

One of the more confusing things about life as a socially awkward person is... everything. What do I say? What don't I say? What do I do? What don't I do?

It is way too hard to learn how to behave like everybody else, so if I had it my way, we would just expand what we consider socially acceptable. Want to burp in public? Go for it. Want to tell someone you think their kid is ugly? No one one will judge you. Want to dress like Batman? Hell, I admire that. 

Doesn't that sound like a better world to live in? Actually, don't answer that. Conversations scare me. And I'm not alone, either. Just look at how many things Redditors wish they could get away with doing in public, awkwardness be damned.

You will come into work and spread that virus!
I'll miss you but not THAT much.
Saying you don't want to go to someone's funeral without being seen as rude/disrespectful. Funerals are far too expensive (to put one together) and often extremely sad and filled with people mourning instead of celebrating the person's life.
You can pay respects for the dead without going to a sad event with people who are usually awkward about death and you've probably only met most of them once or sometimes never depending on the person who died. I will send condolences and well wishes to the family, but the guilt trip culture surrounding funerals is ridiculous when death is different for everyone.


Bet I can beat you to the eggs.
Running in public, like through the grocery store or other places while doing errands.
Not because I'm in a hurry, but because it's fun and it's something I miss from my childhood.


You could have hurt someone! Let me show you!
I've never considered this, but it sounds lovely.
Excuse me while I go to the bathroom for the tenth time today.
What happened to the good old days of giving up?

But hey, society's definition of what it means to be "awkward" changes over time, right? Let's not lose hope, fellow awkward people, because the tides may turn in our favor any day now.

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