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Hilarious 3-Year-Old From Texas Answers Life's Most Important Questions

Hilarious 3-Year-Old From Texas Answers Life's Most Important Questions
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Updated 1 year ago

There is a page on Reddit called "Ask Me Anything" or as it is sometimes known, AMA. Celebrities and non-celebrities announce themselves and the world asks them questions.

One of the most recent AMAs was with a three-year-old boy from Texas named Caleb. His father, Matthew Clark, created an account for his son to gather questions from Redditors and then post his son's answers. According to Clark, "He’s always been funny and creative with his answers to things so I knew he would be good with random questions."

Caleb is more than just good. Take a look for yourself. 

Kid knows what he wants.
He hasn't learned how to add yet.
Oh. Perfectly normal.
How sweet!
Act one of a horror movie.
Checks out...
So sad.
Good answer.
That'd do it.
He's not wrong.
What a confident kid.
Call me The Flying Fist.
No one does, tbh.
I don't think you know what you are saying.
Well, this is disappointing.
Seems achievable.
Doesn't need any further explanation.
Hot take.
That they are.
Now, if I could play Devil's advocate...
Fun thing to do every day.
That'd do it.
Eh, close enough.
Yeah. How else could you answer this question?
This is a solid business plan.
You don't know either, do you?
I don't know what else I was expecting.
Sounds like a sweet gig.
Nihilistic toddler.

Kid's got it figured out.

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