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These Tweets About Childhood Will Make You Feel All Kinds Of Nostalgic

By Zachary Brenner

Growing up is different for everyone. We grow up in different hometowns. Go to different schools. Make different friends. But there seem to be some experiences that unite us all.

Often times those experiences aren't known to be common until everyone is sitting around at 2am on a Saturday night and someone mentions that their grandmother used to store blankets in the dishwasher only to have someone reply with their parents doing the exact same thing while they were growing up.

I know a guy who's grandmother used to keep blankets in the oven and take them out when it was time to use them. As you can imagine, that ended in disaster (minor that was thwarted thankfully) but imagine our surprise when another one of our friends said that his parents did the exact same thing, but with unfolded laundry.

I'm going to be honest here, I was hoping it would be something profound but research suggests it is just cartoons. Cartoons are the one thing that unite us all. 

That's cool, I guess. I mean, I get it. Cartoons are great, but I was hoping for a more shared experience, you know? Like seeing the sunrise for the first time had a big impact on all of us. Something like that. I don't know. I'm just spit balling here. 

Anyway, here is how people sum up their childhoods. Lots of cartoons, and some other stuff.