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These Are The Very Most Cringeworthy Attempts At Getting Your Crush To Like You

By Zachary Brenner

For most of my life, all of my attempts at flirting involved me talking about how much I hated myself, or how terrible I thought I was. In my mind, this was a good plan because it showed... something. I don't know. It was never a good plan and looking back on it now, I don't know how I could possibly think it was a good plan. 

As a result of me making countless attempts with this very bad plan, I have to assume that now there are dozens of women out there who all have a story about this weirdo with the worst possible game. I don't mind being the subject of these stories, really. It is what I deserve.

So if you want to hear about my most embarrassing story, ask one of them. If you want to hear other people's, read on.