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Hilarious Things That Will Make You Chant 'USA! USA!' This Independence Day

Hilarious Things That Will Make You Chant 'USA! USA!' This Independence Day
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12 months ago

You can check my math on this, but I am pretty sure the Fourth of July is coming up soon. It's a day filled with BBQ, beer, and beaches. Or none of that, if you so choose. That's what is great about the good ol' USA. You have the freedom to either consume barbecue and beer at the beach, and you have the freedom to do something else. 

You don't see the British having this freedom, do you? Seriously, when was the last time you saw an Englishman eating BBQ? It's such an absurd thought I can't even imagine what it would look like. 

What I'm saying is enjoy your freedom to eat and drink whatever, because not every place has that luxury. Or do they? 

That's a lot.
Who are we kidding? Mood all the time.
Well played, Target. Well played.
Better than a bumper sticker.
What did you think was missing?
He could have landed in any country...
If this isn't freedom, I don't know what is.
You wanna go to war?
How else do you light fireworks?
Great. Now I'm ashamed to sit anywhere else.
Land of the Free, no?
He knew how to party.
May be annoying but the USA won't stop
So tomorrow, then?
What else did you expect?
What a headline.
Maybe you're the weird ones.
Gotta love Buzz.
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