23 People Who Power Tripped On The Tiniest Bit Of Authority



I went to the same summer camp for 13 years. By the end of my time, I had been there longer than most of the campers had been alive, and you better believe that knowledge went to my head. 

I started cutting in front of kids in line for the dining hall. I began to literally step over them if they were sitting on the ground. I even created a point system to get kids to do things for me. Whenever a camper would be the mature one and tell me that maybe I shouldn't be doing these things, I would just respond by saying, "I outrank you," and then go about my business.

The weirdest part about it is that for the most part, kids loved me for it. I was an incredibly popular counselor and they were devastated when I didn't return the following year. The lesson here, I guess, is that you can do whatever you want after a certain point, as long as you are kind of a jerk about it. 

I don't love that lesson, so if you can think of another one, please let me know. 

1. See? This is why you don't give kids power.

2. So? Steve Jobs didn't code, either.

3. What are you going to do about it?

4. Everyone check out the queen of the library.

5. Who would you want saving you? The senior lifeguard, or this amateur?

6. It was nearly the perfect plan.

7. What kind of monster hates fruit?

8. Not where I expected this story to go.

9. You have no honor!

10. Power tripping by doing nothing.

11. Weirdly, I'm sure your students were fine with this.

12. You just failed your first test.

13. Honestly, I'm fine with this one.

14. Some people can't handle the pressure of leadership.

15. This was the highlight of his year.

16. Interesting.

17. It's all about who you know.

18. I don't think you understood the purpose of that book.

19. What would the customers think of that beard?

20. What's the one rule?

21. Do you hate it now?

22. Your job is pointless!

23. Jerks...

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