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23 People Who Power Tripped On The Tiniest Bit Of Authority

By Zachary Brenner

I went to the same summer camp for 13 years. By the end of my time, I had been there longer than most of the campers had been alive, and you better believe that knowledge went to my head. 

I started cutting in front of kids in line for the dining hall. I began to literally step over them if they were sitting on the ground. I even created a point system to get kids to do things for me. Whenever a camper would be the mature one and tell me that maybe I shouldn't be doing these things, I would just respond by saying, "I outrank you," and then go about my business.

The weirdest part about it is that for the most part, kids loved me for it. I was an incredibly popular counselor and they were devastated when I didn't return the following year. The lesson here, I guess, is that you can do whatever you want after a certain point, as long as you are kind of a jerk about it. 

I don't love that lesson, so if you can think of another one, please let me know.