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34 People Confess The Most Embarrassing Phases They've Ever Experienced

34 People Confess The Most Embarrassing Phases They've Ever Experienced
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Updated 11 months ago

Ahh, to be young and part of a fad. Those were the days. Thinking that whatever you were into at the moment was the most important thing in the world. What fools we were. 

Seriously, have you ever spoken to someone about something they used to be really into, and have them not sound embarrassed? If so, that means one of two things. They are still really into an old fad, or they are too embarrassed to appear embarrassed. 

I guess it is a good thing we can look back at younger versions of ourselves and feel shame. That's how we grow and learn. Still, I wonder what lesson could possibly be learned from these truly embarrassing phases. 

1. They look exactly the same.
3. The pooka shell really ties the whole look together.
7. I blame other people for supporting you.
8. She wore a lot of Disney shirts.
9. Rednecks only want a city girl.
10. This seems like something you should regret.
13. This is an important one to get over.
14. How can I do something dumb and then do something dumber?
15. Being a skater is more about the look than anything else.
16. You need better role models.
17. Sometimes phases have consequences.
19. Why does Anime always have the worst fans?
22. Nobody knows why this happens. It just does.
23. You actually cared? Wow. What a shocker.
24. Fads are temporary. Tattoos are not.
25. I don't know why but I feel like these two are related.
27. So you're saying I should stop watching "My Little Pony"?
28. We all need time machines for this exact reason.
31. Yeah. Don't even try to defend this one.
33. That's why I'm at school during the day.
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