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30 People Trying Really Hard To Connect To Today's Youth

30 People Trying Really Hard To Connect To Today's Youth
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11 months ago

Ad executives seem to love targeting young people. Young adults finally have their own income and have no idea how to be responsible with their money. They seem like the perfect prey.

The problem is that ad execs have no idea how to communicate with millennials. They could easily say, "Hey! Here's a cool thing you might like" but, no. They have chosen a way stranger and much more ineffective path. 

They have chosen to instead say "Look at these emojis! You like emojis, right? So do we. See? We get it! Buy our stuff and be cool like us!" In their defense, we are at least talking about them and that's... something, I guess. 

1. Fidget Spinners AND Dabbing? I'm interested!
3. I don't think you know what you are saying.
4. This is how millennials dress, right?
5. How can we get kids to care about the weather? I know!
6. What are you trying to say here?
8. Woah! Take it down a notch, YouTube.
9. Did you? Did you really ask an intern?
10. Where's the sad emoji? Because that's how I feel.
11. Well, I wasn't going to before but now...
12. What's the point of this?
13. Did you fall asleep on your keyboard?
14. This is why you don't tell your parents about memes.
16. I refuse to believe this is real.
17. No! I will not!
19. No, you don't.
20. The thing is, I bet their business is booming.
21. Why are they agreeing with each other?
22. There are so many things here I don't understand.
24. How do you want me to answer this?
25. All this did was make you seem older.
27. LOL is not an adjective. You should know that.
30. Have you ever heard people speak?
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