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19 Old People Who Have Truly Blessed Social Media With Their Comments

By Mustafa Gatollari

It is very hard to imagine being older.  We see old people and see so much life experience and wonder, "what will I look like at that age" or "will I even make it to that age" and other questions along those lines.  Old people are either warm and nice, really miserable, or very spiteful and have no filter and usually are hysterical.  Visiting with older people like grandparents or other relatives or friends or even volunterring can be very fulfilling because of the wisdom that can be gained.  It can also be pretty depressing to see someone with very little quality of life and the lack of the will to go on.  

One thing is always for sure though, when trying to teach older people about technology, it is just about always a no win situation.  Sometimes they can take to it, but you know phone calls asking about a pop-up or some other thing that could go wrong, is eventually coming.  

When old people and technology converge, beautiful things can happen. For example?

1. Dogs become long babies.