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New Mayor Officially Bans Heterosexuality, Gets Impeached

New Mayor Officially Bans Heterosexuality, Gets Impeached
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10 months ago

Comedian Elijah Daniel set his sights on becoming the mayor of a small town. The only problem is that he never held a political office or had any real experience in government. 

Well, neither does our current President, so Daniel didn't let that stop him. He then contacted the town of Hell, Michigan, which he discovered lets people legally become the Mayor of for $100.

So the YouTube comedian booked a red-eye flight to Michigan and traveled directly to Hell to make his mayorship official.

Daniel then banned a huge demographic of people from Hell's community.

That's right, Daniel banned heterosexuals from Hell and explained why in his mayoral proclamation.

Daniel, being gay himself, explained that growing up he was taught all homosexuals are going to hell, so he banned them all from Hell, Michigan, because it's not fair that "heterosexuals are trying to take that from us too."

He allowed heterosexuals to stay in Hell; for a price. As long as they coughed up $84,000, they could be let back in the town and would even get their money refunded; they just had to abstain from straight sex for a whole year.

Daniel even wrote that heterosexuals would be forced to wear a scarlet "H" and into wearing cargo shorts every morning to be laughed at in public. "Reparative therapy" to force straight people to find their gay sides would also be offered to Hell's citizens as per Daniel's decree.

Daniel's controversial ban landed him in some serious trouble with the town, however. He was immediately impeached.

Daniel wasn't troubled by being impeached. Every single Mayor of Hell is eventually impeached. He went on to say that most of the people who visit the town are same-sex couples who, as a joke, want to be "married in Hell."

He used his own short-lived political career to ultimately send a message to President Trump.

Now that's a man who is entirely dedicated to a joke.

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