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The Internet Is In Love With This Bus Driver Who Takes His Breaks Very Seriously

The Internet Is In Love With This Bus Driver Who Takes His Breaks Very Seriously
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Updated 9 months ago

When you work difficult jobs, there's really not much a person can look forward to except their lunch break.

It doesn't matter what you brown-bagged to the office. It could be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But when you sit down and start chomping down on that meal, you savor every bite. Every minute you have not doing your job or dealing with the stress of it is paradise.

Now there are some people who handle their break times better than others by sheer ingenuity and creativity. These are the break time heroes: Bold individuals who make the most out of a seemingly insignificant amount of time. This London bus driver is one of those heroes.

By cleverly tying his hammock to a lamppost and then securing it to an inner hook inside the luggage compartment, and then lifting the same compartment door for some shade, he created the absolutely perfect chill spot.

The photo, which was uploaded to the r/London subreddit by Jon Fairclough, has been getting nothing but praise from people online. 

While others feared for his safety.

Mostly, they were just impressed with the logistics of the whole thing.

Now that's a man you want around to make the most out of any situation.

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