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31 Pictures From Children's Coloring Books Clearly Meant For Adults

31 Pictures From Children's Coloring Books Clearly Meant For Adults
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8 months ago

Coloring books are an activity that was originally designed for children. In recent years adult coloring books offering more mature images and more complicated lines have become a popular item.

Of course there are still some adults who prefer the simplicity of children's coloring books. There are also some adults who prefer turning the children's coloring books into adult coloring books through some truly harrowing means. 

It's fine, I suppose. There are worse hobbies to have. Just be sure to never show these to any children. 

4. Go back to where you came!
5. As long as they are both into it.
6. Barbie is a bad role model.
7. So majestic.
10. Honestly, I'm just surprised this didn't already exist.
11. Losing your son is hard.
12. This is either the best one or the worst one.
14. That is one stylish dinosaur.
15. Sesame Street is part of the Red Light District?
18. It's just nature.
19. Nailed it!
21. Crops shall never grow again.
23. Getting all kinds of hopped up.
24. If I'm coming down, you're coming down with me!
25. Why didn't you just draw Scarecrow?
26. I trusted you!
28. Now he'll never get the rabbits.
29. What happened here?
30. It just makes sense.
31. He's got presents to deliver and he's not going to let nuclear fallout stop him!
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