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Siri Accidentally Texted This Woman's Crush And It Was A Living Nightmare



Having a crush is simultaneously one of the worst and best things in life.

The sad fact is that the majority of people keep most of their dreams and fantasies restricted to a crush. We like to admire whatever it is that burns us from afar rather than actually go after it because it matters so much to us and we don't want to be heartbroken if we fail.

When it comes to actual people we're crushing on, the thought of them not turning out to be the person we want them to be is devastating.

The best way to get your crush on someone out of the way is to approach them about it, stop it from being a crush. If they shoot you down, you just need to work through that heartache and carry on. If they don't and they're actually interested in being with you, then you need to go and work on making the most out of that possible relationship you can have.

But you'll probably want to steel yourself and get ready to take that step because being thrust into that situation is remarkably uncomfortable.

Something that Twitter user @CeciMula found out the hard way when she was messing around with Siri and accidentally texted her crush.

I mean we all ask Siri silly things, but for the digital assistant to pull a move so treacherous is unimaginable. As is the frantic despair that Poor Ceci must've gone through when all of this went down.

Tweeting about the whole thing certainly didn't help matters either, something she admits was probably a mistake.

In Ceci's defense, however, she was left on read. The savagery is unforgivable.

Someone pointed out that sending the text accidentally is a two step process...

Ceci haplessly in her panic hit send instead of exit when trying to get that gosh darned thing off of her screen, however.

People couldn't believe the level of savagery that Apple seemingly coded into its robotic assistant.

Even people who haven't dated for a very long time know just how horrifying this is.

Other people, as bad as they felt for Ceci, were just happy it wasn't them.

Other people just knowingly nodded their heads.

The whole thing just seems like a dystopian nightmare.

But as it turns out, Ceci won't have to die anytime soon.

"Haha" could mean anything, but hey, it's a start.

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