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Source: iStock

Dad Live-Tweeted Chaperoning A School Field Trip And His Pain Is Your Entertainment

By Aimee Lutkin

Field trips are the best when you're a kid. It's a dad away from the classroom, and if you're lucky, your mom packed you a Lunchable. 

However, if you're an adult and forced to chaperone your kid's field trip, the experience is anything but fun and stress-free.  Especially if you have a kid like this, who attempts to sneak onto the bus without permission

Enter Simon Smith — a simple dad, who does his duty. That includes showing up to escort a group of kids to the science museum, which should be a simple enough enterprise. But Smith has Twitter, and was able to share the sheer endurance needed to move these kids through their adventure.

His story begins on the bus, the worst place in the world.