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25 Vending Machines That Are Definitely From The Future

25 Vending Machines That Are Definitely From The Future
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Updated 4 weeks ago

When I think of vending machines I think of frustration. Of late hours at some government building waiting to get some bureaucratic nonsense taken care of. Or stressful times at a hospital. Unhealthy snacks and feeling gross immediately after I cave into my desire for junk food.

But it doesn't have to be that way. There are plenty of awesome vending machines out there that go above and beyond the stale chips and crusty, white-dust-coated candy bar stereotype.

These are the vending machines of the future, and the future's looking pretty darn good.

There are vending machines for your dog, so they can feel like an on-the-go consumer such as yourself.
This portable CVS pharmacy on a college campus that's sure to be a 24/7 moneymaker.
This airport sells jackets, in case you didn't pack appropriately for the weather in your final destination.
Want to buy champagne but don't want a pitiful human to read your driver's license? Let this machine scan your ID and you'll be popping bottles in no time!
No need to visit a butcher shop if you're looking for meat in Germany.
Hot french fries. From a machine. Two minutes wait time. Doesn't look like ketchup is included though.
This weed vending machine in Vancouver. No "dealer specials" on these though, judging by the price tages.
This IKEA spare part vending machine is here to alleviate your assembly woes.
This custom Skittles machine that lets you decide how much of each color you want.
This beverage machine that really wants you to drink healthy.
Want fresh, delicious cheese, 24/7? Switzerland has got your back.
Get yourself beautiful, fresh flower bouquets from this vending machine in South Korea.
Need an entire crate of beer in a hurry? No problem.
You have to wonder how umbrella vending machines haven't taken the entire world by storm yet.

Never be caught without a notebook and a pen again thanks to this handy dandy school supplies machine.
Checkout a laptop at this library with this awesome vending machine.
Avoid lines at the bakery with this machine that serves up fresh baguettes all times of the day.
This vending machine fresh squeezes orange juice for you at the push of a button.
A vending machine that never steals your money.
A fresh pizza vending machine.
Someone converted an old cigarette machine into an art-dispensing vendor.
This Bojangles vending machine serves up biscuits and fried chicken.
Tired club-goers can give their feet some relief with these affordable ballet flats.
This milk vending machine in Poland with reusable bottles.
This bananas vending machine in Japan.
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