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Misunderstood Jobs

Everyone Is Sharing What People Just Don't Get About Their Jobs
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Updated 2 weeks ago

Whatever your job is, if you've been doing it for awhile, you've probably heard it all. As soon as you say whatever it is, someone will comment on it like they know all about your life. Well, you don't. Being a blogger contains multitudes, okay?

Designer Louie Mantia asked his followers what people most often misunderstood about their jobs, and there are a lot of people who are incredibly frustrated with the general public.

There are the overworked and underpaid college faculty:

Folks whose job it is to criticize popular culture—key word is job. They aren't just complaining:

Journalists have been getting a really bad reputation the last few years, as we all know, and the truth is they're mostly not all that elite:

Um, bloggers:

Just because someone works for Netflix doesn't mean they can control Netflix::

Reverends don't have six days off a week, did you know?

Just because someone's work involves a computer doesn't mean the computer is doing the work:

Libraries are all stocked up on The Da Vinci Code, thanks:

Stop complaining about video games taking so long to come out (which I guess is something people who play video games do):

Just because it sounds awesome doesn't mean it's not a real gig, with work involved:

Studying religion and being religious may relate, but they're not synonymous:

The Earth is what's going to kill us, according to this scientist:

Don't ask your friends who do graphic design to draw you:

Tip. TIP.

This is honestly something I hope everyone knows:

But this I cannot accept:

If digging up old bones isn't super cool, there's no longer any point to blogging my way through archeology school.

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