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Source: istock/distractify

People Are Sharing the Dumbest Things They Believed as Children and It's Hilarious

By Mustafa Gatollari

The best part about being a father is that it gives you a chance to be a kid again. You get to see things through a child's eyes again. All of the wonderment, the curiosity, the excitement of things that you've become numb to, you get to experience enthusiasm for all over again.

It's a truly great feeling and it never gets old, which is why I'm always stoked when I can finally close my laptop for the day and get to wrestle with my son and give my daughter raspberries on her belly while answering the incessant "What's that?" and "Why?" questions.

It also makes me realize just how profoundly dumb I was as a kid about the most basic things about the world. For example: I thought all TV was live as a child. So when Michael Jackson debuted "Remember the Time" on television, I was deeply troubled.