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Source: iStock / Twitter

People Confess the Lengths They Went to Cover Up Their Crimes as Kids


Who doesn't remember navigating their first computer and trying to get good at all the games and platforms that were circulating in those days? Neopets and Xanga, I'm looking at you. It feels like it was a simpler time back then, except when you start to remember the pressure you felt, both internally and from friends, to make sure your avatar would be impeccably perfect.

And what was more perfect back then than giving your computer characters edgy names? I personally remember one epic slumber party where my friends and I were playing The Sims and someone dared me to call my character "diaria," which is how we thought diarrhea was spelled. I remember the thrill of typing those letters in, and the feeling of praying my parents weren't about to walk in has stayed with me to this day.

Recently, a woman named Gemma shared a funnier version of my story with a more hilarious ending that got users on Twitter clamoring to share their own stories of covering their tracks for their "crimes" as kids.