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A Woman Didn't Read The Details About A Chair She Bought Online, And People Can't Stop Laughing

A Woman Didn't Read The Details About A Chair She Bought Online, And People Can't Stop Laughing
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1 year ago

25-year-old customer, Blaque, hastily purchased a crystal-clear chair on Amazon that wound up not being what she expected. She should've read the product description.

The aspiring hair stylist from Virginia planned on dedicating a corner of her apartment to establish a makeshift beauty parlor. She went shopping online, filling her virtual cart with odds and ends.

When she saw the "Modway Miniature Casper Novelty Chair In Clear" as an add-on item for $4.29, all she saw was a bargain. "So me being the person I am, I just clicked it, didn't read not one review or even the description for that matter."


"I spent so much that day, so I thought I really got a deal because it was an 'add-on' and Amazon is known for great deal [sic]," said Blaque. "So it was believable. I literally just clicked add."

When the package arrived on May 23, it was noticeably smaller than expected. But she just assumed some assembly was required for her 'miniature' chair. However, like a nesting doll, a smaller package was revealed inside the shipping box.

She told Buzzfeed, "I literally busted out laughing tears and all because I couldn't believe I bought that." This is what she found.

Other consumers commiserated with Blaque on their embarrassing purchases.

Paws and reflect.

One even made a suggestion in case she decided to keep the miniature product.

Or "Maybe itโ€™ll end up being a business card holder," Blaque joked. She did decide to hold onto it, and the accidental acquisition is sitting on top of her desk to serve as a reminder. "[It was] totally not Amazon's fault at all. It was properly advertised, I just didn't read."

Caveat emptor, everybody! Let that lesson sit for a bit.

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