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A Woman Didn't Read The Details About A Chair She Bought Online, And People Can't Stop Laughing


You really need to pay attention to the item descriptions when buying something online these days. Images can be pretty misleading. I remember an old episode of Judge Judy where a woman bought (or rather thought she bought) an iPhone off of eBay only to find out when she got the box that the listing was for a picture of an iPhone. She had to go to court to get her money back, but it served as a warning for me from that day on to always read the item description so I'd be able to avoid going on television to reclaim my money from a website with a bad return policy. Luckily for this woman, Amazon has a great one.

25-year-old customer, Blaque, hastily purchased a crystal-clear chair on Amazon that wound up not being what she expected. She should've read the product description.