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A Woman Didn't Read The Details About A Chair She Bought Online, And People Can't Stop Laughing

By Justin Luke

You really need to pay attention to the item descriptions when buying something online these days. Images can be pretty misleading. I remember an old episode of Judge Judy where a woman bought (or rather thought she bought) an iPhone off of eBay only to find out when she got the box that the listing was for a picture of an iPhone. She had to go to court to get her money back, but it served as a warning for me from that day on to always read the item description so I'd be able to avoid going on television to reclaim my money from a website with a bad return policy. Luckily for this woman, Amazon has a great one.

25-year-old customer, Blaque, hastily purchased a crystal-clear chair on Amazon that wound up not being what she expected. She should've read the product description.

The aspiring hair stylist from Virginia planned on dedicating a corner of her apartment to establish a makeshift beauty parlor. She went shopping online, filling her virtual cart with odds and ends.