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J.K. Rowling Just Smacked Down Another Twitter Bully With One Perfect Tweet


J.K. Rowling has been on a roll for the past few months. Every time a troll pops up shilling some nonsense to their followers or berating a celebrity or other public figure for sharing their thoughts on some current event, she has been there to deliver the avada kedavra curse to their cause.

You'd figure some folks would learn, especially those that proclaim she hurt their feelings after reading and loving Harry Potter while growing up. After all, one of the main takeaways from that series was to do right at any cost. No one is telling you to go sacrifice yourself to protect those from the He Who Must Not Be Named, but at the very least try to be a little civil while online.

Some have even gone as far as to attack Rowling herself, but all of those trolls were met with her army of muggles in response and typically end up setting their accounts to private or moving on with another tweet as though nothing happened.

Still, these exchanges always prove to be very entertaining since they all play out the same way, and in the end it's Rowling's fans that end up winning when they see their favorite author use her wordsmithing skills to strike down some jabroni in a suit in front of the world. These people barely have a grasp on reality, much less the intricate workings of the internet and especially of a social media platform like Twitter. It just isn't going to work out well.

So here is the latest transgression against everyone's favorite childhood (or adult, I don't judge unless you're a Slytherin) author being shot down, yet again, while the rest of us point our finger and laugh at the fools who have forever been immortalized online by Twitter archives, wayback machine, and whatever fancy doodad they come up with in the future to find our old posts.

Trolls beware: J.K. Rowling is not playing around.