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Source: gettyimages

Apple CEO Tim Cook Just Blasted Donald Trump And His Tweets

By Austin Tracy

Tim Cook is one of the most successful business men currently. He had large shoes to fill when he took over for Steve Jobs at Apple as Jobs fell ill -- it was a hard task to navigate Apple into a post-jobs success but they have flourished under his leadership. Though they may not wow us with surprises anymore Apple has been one of the most consistent tech companies and have pushed for new eco-friendly initiatives that make other tech companies envious. 

Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently took off his gloves (or perhaps his Apple  watch) to rip into Trump's bizarre tweets. It would be one thing to attack Trump on Twitter or even an interview, but Cook chose to use Trump as the butt of a joke in a commencement speech he gave at  Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was a huge hit with the audience.

Tim Cook decided to make a joke about all the pranks, or "hacks", that the students at MIT have pulled.

Source: youtube